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welcome to breuer

The Cape Town based Breuer Shower Doors SA have been in operation since 1991, delivering high quality products to South Africa and abroad. Breuer are uniquely positioned to deliver forward thinking shower enclosure and glass technologies, thanks to an exclusive partnership with the award winning German company, Tardis. Breuer Shower Doors SA are committed to going the extra mile, to ensure that every customer has a hassle free and positive experience.

Breuer Shower Doors SA now offers its products to the industry in the form of shower door kits. Find out more about this opportunity in our About Us and Product pages.

company news

August - Breuer Shower Doors specializes in being able to create CUSTOM shower enclosures to fit any specification. An enclosure should always appear as if it was the first installation of the bathroom, with every other feature being made to compliment it.

We have now added several examples of custom jobs, which you can view on our Product Page.