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Our History

Cascade.jpgThe company began life as Cascade Shower Doors in 1985, producing a 3 panel shower door featuring a clean cill and a system called the America hinged door, which used a piano hinge and lots of pop rivets.

We also had the sole distribution of a quality German product that was being produced in Johannesburg. The main selling point was that the door could adjust in width by 50mm. There was also a wide range of products to accomodate the customs requirements. The German company eventually decided to open their own outlet in Cape Town, so our partnership came to an end. However, a more important partnership was about to begin.

At a large shower door exhibition in Germany, Rob Buser (the owner of Breuer Shower Doors SA), met Horst Breuer of the German based Breuer Shower Doors. An agreement was reached for us, then still called Cascade Shower Doors, to produce Breuer's products in South Africa. We chose to produce the Elegance Range, which was a framed door, and the Elana, which was semi-frameless.

In 1991 Cascade Shower Doors changed its name to Breuer Shower Doors South Africa. Many years later, Horst's son Thomas Breuer took over Breuer Germany and later sold it to an interested buyer. He remained on as MD for 10 years. In 2005 Thomas contacted Rob and informed him that he was leaving Breuer Germany and starting a new company called Tardis.

After some discussions, we were so impressed by the innovated products, marketing strategies and philosophy that we chose to follow Thomas and his partner Michael Kröger and be the only company to bring their cutting edge products to the market place. Tardis has a proud philosphy which states that nothing is hidden or covert. Any company can walk into the Tardis building and partner with Tardis to deliver that product and technology to their own customers.

The Tardis Philosophy

The core element of glass manufacturing is a highly exacting process. No machine is more exact than the Tardis® TS 4000, allowing precision drilling for the Tardis® Anchor Point System. The assembling station generates, in x- and y-axis, clean connections of glass and aluminium. High pressure tape creates a smooth line from metal to glass without tilts and edges. In 2010, Tardis were recognized and awarded the Success Prize For Innovation, from the Association of Investment and Structure.

Tardis Headquarters in Germany
Tardis Headquarters in Germany
trade fair
2011 ISH trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany

Shower Door Kits

Here at Breuer Shower Doors SA, we are delighted to be able to bring that excellence and philosophy to Africa. Following the Tardis philosophy, we are able to offer industry quality semi-frameless door kits. This will allow other companies to supply their own glass and combined with our kit, they can then produce a high quality product at an affordable price for private and large contracts. Europe has already started to move away from the aging frameless door style. These kits are the way for shower doors in South Africa to catch up to the quality and technology offered overseas. Please feel free to contact us for further information and enquiries.